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Tombstone Terrors: Ghosts and Gunslingers of the Wild West

Are you ready to meet the ghosts of outlaws and gunslingers? Journey through the desert of Arizona with Tombstone Terrors to the dark underbelly of its most haunted Wild West ghost town.

Join Tombstone Terrors as we explore the Old West through the real stories of outlaw justice and the heinous hauntings of Tombstone. Book your Tombstone Terrors walking ghost tour tonight to learn of the town’s sordid past.

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Book Your Tombstone Ghost Tour Tonight!

Tombstone Terrors: Ghosts and Gunslingers of the Wild West

This walking ghost tour through Tombstone brings real-life, otherworldly encounters to life through experienced local tour guides and the historic locations where they happened. Uncover Tombstone’s most cursed locations, where ghostly gunfights continue in the afterlife. Add the extended tour to gain full access to Tombstone’s deepest haunted secrets.

Meeting Location: On the corner of 6th street and E Allen St. Between the Birdcage Theater and Hotel Tombstone

Starting Time: Ghost tours are held nightly at 8 PM, rain or shine!

Pet Policy: Pets are not permitted on Ghost Tours

Alcohol Policy: No Drinking Permitted

Adults Only: No

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Five Stars

Amazing tour! Digger went above and beyond with the history of the town and the ghosts who remained behind.

A De Luigi

Five Stars

David , our tour guide was outstanding! His knowledge of Tombstone is second to none! Went above and beyond for my wife and I. Couldn't be more happie...

Thomas Tronetti

Five Stars

Our guide was amazing, very knowledgeable, had lots of interesting stories.

robert krek
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Tour Preview: Where You’ll Go

The Bird Cage Theater

The wickedest night spot between Basin Street and the Barbary Coast, The Bird Cage Theater was the site of 26 murders. Now, the museum is stocked full of the living and the dead. Sightings of a ghost dog are common here.

The OK Corral

Site of the most famous gunfight of all time. Phantom gunshots are heard emanating from nowhere, and blurry apparitions of legendary cowboys like Wyatt Earp appear in photographs taken by curious travelers.

Big Nose Kate’s

Named after Doc Holiday’s girlfriend, this saloon was once a grand hotel and is haunted by a handyman who disappeared in the silver mines one day and never returned.

The Hauntings of Tombstone

“The only thing you’ll find out there is your Tombstone,” a warning and curse not heeded by its founder, Ed Schieffelin, who created the tiny desert town in search of riches buried deep underground. Despite his naysayers, Schieffelin struck it rich, and one of the Wild West’s most infamous towns was born.


All manner of vice and sin followed as thousands shuffled into the dusty mining town to pursue their hopes and dreams. With them came the saloons, brothels, and hotels that still tower over the empty streets. One of the most famous shootouts in American history took place at the OK Corral in 1881. It was not the only one of its kind, and many ended with bodies in pools of blood.


Tragedy struck in 1882 when the miners hit the water table, and the town relied on pumps to keep its economy going. A devastating fire destroyed the pumps in 1886, and all has been quiet since, at least for the living. The ghosts of the short-lived, fast-paced bed of sin are now some of the most famous and frequently sighted in Arizona.


The Most Haunted Places in Tombstone, AZ


Although the streets of Tombstone are small, the spirits of the Wild West and their homes are expansive. Boothill Graveyard is one of Tombstone’s biggest and most haunted attractions. Many visitors capture unexplainable persons in their photos, even in the middle of the day. Crystal Palace Saloon, where roulette wheels spin themselves, has more than a few hanger-oners from the old days.


The Buford House, once a private home for one of the most powerful men in tombstones, is haunted by the many family members who died there. The home activity around the home intensified when their bones were discovered in the basement and haven’t ceased since. But it is not the only place of accommodation full of phantoms. The Bordello B & B lives up to its name and is brimming with unexplainable sights and sounds.

Reasons to Take the Tombstone Ghost Tour

You want to get to know the real Tombstone

For the most part, the majority of what is known about Tombstone is based on Hollywood’s interpretation. While factual info ... rmation can be found in literature and historical museums, those who are not history buffs may only know what’s portrayed on the big screen. What better way to get to know the real Tombstone than with an authentic tour through the town itself?

You don’t have to be into westerns to appreciate the sites and information you’ll receive on this ghost tour. You just have to be ready to be blown away by some of the stories you’ll hear and be ready to have a great time. Tombstone is one of the most famous places in the nation so grab your camera (phone!), an EMF reader, and learn what really went down in the most well-known place of the wild wild west.

You’re a fan of westerns.

You don’t have to be fully into westerns but hey, maybe you are! If westerns are your thing, you’re in the right place. T ... he buildings you’ll see in your tour of Tombstone are some of the original ones that were built in the 1800s. While they may no longer be used for what they were intended, you’ll get to hear their origin stories, the darkness that helped build them, and the spirits that still frequent them.

This won’t be like anything you’ve seen on TV. The stories you’ll hear are real and raw and feature some characters that are a bit darker than those Hollywood created. Here, you’ll be taken to the real wild west, and it doesn’t get much more real than that.

You want to make the most of your time in Arizona

Whether you’re here on vacation or for work, you’re bound to have some time to fill. Why not get to know one of the most ... infamous places in American history? There’s no better way to do this than with a ghost tour that takes a deep dive into what put the town on the map. Sure, you can look up the history online. But let’s be honest, the internet does not do Tombstone justice. Since you’re here, book your spot on Tombstone Terrors ghost tour and experience the town the way one should – in person.

Tombstone Terrors tour guides will only make this part of your vacation that much more entertaining. In addition to being phenomenal storytellers, our tour guides will interact with you, answer any questions you may have, and keep you enthralled from beginning to end.

You need a family-friendly event to add to your vacation plans

If you’re looking for something that will keep everyone in the family happy and entertained, a Tombstone Terrors ghost tour ... is the ticket to a good time for everyone. It’s true the wild west has its fair share of some pretty intense and harrowing tales, but our guides are masters in telling these true and incredible stories in a way that’s spooky and thrilling yet suitable for young audiences.

Think it’ll be difficult keeping the kids’ attention? We’re up for the challenge! Over the years we’ve discovered that the town’s stories of ghosts, cowboys, and outlaws are too intriguing to resist for any child. So bring the family, we’re ready to entertain!

You want a memorable experience.

Sometimes there are just parts of a trip that don’t get saved in the memory bank. This experience won’t be one of them. T ... ombstone Terrors ghost tour goes beyond what you’ll experience at a museum or on a leisurely stroll. Your tour guides take you through prominent areas of the town that not only play an integral role in its establishment but also house the spirits that are responsible for making Tombstone what it is today.

The best part? The tour is interactive! We encourage our guests to take photos as you never know what you might capture, and encourage engagement through questions for your guides, and the spirits.

You want to do something different this time.

Don’t let this be like any other vacation you’ve been on. This doesn’t have to be another Groundhog Day trip: same rest ... aurant, same bar, same shopping, same movie theater. Same, same, same. Let a ghost tour end the monotony of your trip and take you on an adventure you’ll never forget.

The Tombstone Terrors ghost tour will take you to places you might not normally have on your list to visit and tell you stories you won’t hear anywhere else. You’ll also get something you won’t get from a regular “been there, done that” trip: some excitement!

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